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Politico: Romney finishes first, but battered

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But if the past three days are any indication, there will be rough sledding ahead.

Under fire, the normally disciplined Romney committed verbal gaffes on back-to-back days, saying both that he knows what it’s like to fear losing a job and, in a potentially more damaging remark clipped from a comment about his support for the ability to choose an insurance company, that he likes “being able to fire people.”
And in a measure of what may become a problem as Romney’s rivals continue to pursue him, his campaign didn’t immediately realize how the comment was reverberating as opposing forces slammed the Ivy League-educated multimillionaire for talking about sharing the fears of job loss. Aides waited hours before offering an explanation, and Romney on Monday morning asserted that he worked his way up from entry-level jobs at the Boston Consulting Group.

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