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Murdoch’s Newscorp UK offices searched by police

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Why are the Republicans so close to such a shady operation that has admitted violating the law? Rupert Murdoch's business is in for some tough times and the story just won't go away. For a supposed "law and order" organization, they seem to be struggling with what it means to follow the law. The Guardian:

Four men – including a serving police officer – have been arrested in connection with payments by journalists to police officers. The Metropolitan police said on Saturday that it was carrying out searches at the offices of News International, parent company of the now-closed News of the World, in Wapping, east London. A serving police officer, 29, was arrested at his place of work in central London on suspicion of corruption and misconduct in public office. The officer, of the Met's territorial policing unit, became the second police officer to be arrested under the Operation Elveden investigation into payments to police officers.

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