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More cracks found in wing of Airbus A380

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Airbus is now clarifying that the cracks that have recently been discovered in the wing of the superjumbo A380 are in fact different from the cracks in the wing discovered (but not widely published) two years ago. As if that should comfort anyone. More cracks have been found in this latest discovery but Airbus and the the European Aviation Safety Agency claim there is nothing to be worry about. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I'm siding with the Australian aircraft engineer's union who called for grounding all of the A380s until they have been inspected and cleared. Inspecting a relatively new plane that has cracks in the wing is not drastic. Planes falling from the sky because there was too much political pressure to inspect them is drastic. Reuters:The European planemaker insists the world's largest passenger jet remains safe to fly, but the disclosure of further cracks on even a handful of wing components could delay efforts to end a sequence of niggling concerns over its performance. European safety authorities ordered urgent inspections on just under a third of the superjumbo fleet last week after two types of cracks were discovered within weeks of each of other on the same type of part, an L-shaped bracket inside the wing. Since then, similar cracks have been found inside the 9,100-square-foot wing of at least one of the superjumbos examined under the directive, industry sources told Reuters.

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