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Ron Paul’s racism is the racism of the GOP

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It was always obvious that Ron Paul knew the content of the newsletters that went out in his name. Like the fact that Romney pays less than 15% tax and the fact George W. Bush and his cabinet were lying about WMD in Iraq, it was one of those obvious facts that the establishment media refused to discuss while the Republican involved protested their innocence.

But don't expect the confirmation of the obvious fact that Ron Paul wrote and approved the racist bile printed under his name to hurt him in the nomination race, the reason his opponents haven't mentioned the issue is that they know their party too well: The modern GOP is built on racism. Nixon's 'Southern Strategy' was courting the votes of white supremacists upset by the end of segregation.

Like the Iraqi WMD fable, Paul's alibi is even more damning than what he is trying to cover up [Post]:

Mark Elam, a longtime Paul associate whose company printed the newsletters, said Paul “was a busy man” at the time. “He was in demand as a speaker; he was traveling around the country,’’ Elam said in an interview coordinated by Paul’s campaign. “I just do not believe he was either writing or regularly editing this stuff.’’
So what Paul admits to is that he was lying to the people who had paid their money for a newsletter that would give them the benefit of his inside Washington knowledge. But now he claims to have defrauded them: not only wasn't he writing it, he wasn't even bothering to read it either.

The story the secretary tells is much more believable: Like every politician I have ever known, Ron Paul was deeply involved in every aspect of the communications that went out under his name. He didn't engage in casual racism; the racism was calculated to connect with his readers.

We are now down to the final four and the remaining candidates are a racist gold-bug conspiracy monger, an adulterer, a sex-freak and a 0.01%-er who pays 14% tax and mistreated his dog. In their different ways they each represent a different aspect of the GOP base. What the media has all wrong is that these are not 'weaknesses', they are the real core values of the GOP. The median GOP voter is a white male chicken hawk who pays next to nothing in taxes, hates black people, latinos and 'immigrants' and professes a deep belief in the importance of family values despite the fact he is cheating on both his wife and his mistress.

Like all the other commentators, we have it all wrong, what the GOP is looking for is not 'none of the above', it is all of the above.

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