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An essential SOPA–PIPA video

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We've talked about this before (mainly here), but it bears repeating on this day of SOPA & PIPA darkness.

Again, go here for the supplemental text should you want it. But if all you want is a nice video that explains it all, this is a good one. Enjoy.

H/T Digby for the reminder. For another nice SOPA–PIPA video, this time from the Guardian, click here.

By the way, you'll notice that Google has "gone black" for the day, but only in the sense that they're wearing a black armband, as it were. Imagine if they were actually, well, closed. As in "come back tomorrow — after you've complained to your friendly SOPA and PIPA supporters."

What's the over-under on how fast these bills would be withdrawn? That's blackmail, of course, but hey, a business has a right to shut its doors. (Or maybe that's just "playing to win." You do want to win, don't you folks?)

Oh, did I forget to mention that "progressive" Al Franken is a PIPA co-sponsor? Yep, surprised me too. Perhaps you can tell him how surprised you are as well. I'm sure he doesn't want to fund-raise without that precious "Wellstone" branding:

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN)
DC ph: 202-224-5641
District ph: 651-221-1016
Or if you like, you can tell the whole lot of them. (Search on "cosponsor" and be prepared for a few surprises.)

Occupy the Darkness, at least for the day.


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