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Court evicts OccupyLSX in London

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The High Court in London has ruled that the Occupy Camp at St Pauls Cathedral has to go. The camp is one of three in London and was the first to be established. It is the site of the Tent City University.

It seems that a compromise proposal that would have had tents present during the day but removed at night has also been rejected. The judge, Mr Justice Lindblom, refused permission to appeal which means that the protestors now have to persuade the Court of Appeal to hear their appeal. We have not yet had sight of the judgment but reports from the hearing suggest that the loss was comprehensive.

The protestors were represented by John Cooper QC (@John_Cooper_QC on twitter - well worth following for insight and updates).

The streets have not been filled with angry members of the public mustering in support of the protestors. Active support for the camp seems to have dwindled as the progress of the protest meandered towards simply finding ways to sustain its presence. For some, the camp has achieved its aim: establishing a debate. Others were more ambitious in terms of aims and are more disappointed as a result.

Elsewhere, a permanent protest encampment in Parliament Square has been removed, again with nothing more than a shrug from the British public.

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