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Arab League looks to extend mission in Syria

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The presence of the Arab League monitors has been a mix of blissful ignorance and irrelevance but they're currently discussing an extension to their mission. They've conveniently missed signs of government repression and murder and without a greater presence and broader mission, it's not going to accomplish much in terms of limiting the violence. Meanwhile, Obama has been trying to rally neighboring countries to support change. Qatar has even gone as far as proposing military action inside Syria by neighbors but rallying regional support sounds highly unlikely. Al Jazeera:

Earlier on Tuesday, Syria rejected any plans to send Arab troops into the country, saying it will "confront" and "stand firm" against military intervention after the ruler of Qatar said in a television interview that Arab countries should step in with force. The state-run SANA news agency quoted a "credible source" at the foreign ministry as saying on Tuesday that the country is "shocked" by the Qatari emir's comments, which "could worsen the conflict and kill the chances of Syria working closely with Arabs". The source warned that it will be "unfortunate to see Arab blood flow on Syrian soil".

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