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Actress Cynthia Nixon says being gay is a choice. And she’s wrong.

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Sex & the City star Cynthia Nixon (aka Miranda) says in a NYT interview today that, to hell with the PC police, being gay is a choice!

Except of course, it's not.  She's using incredibly sloppy language, and thinking, and in so doing did some real damage to our fight for civil rights.  I delve into this in detail over at AMERICAblog Gay, but let me put it this way.  Straight guys don't desire oral sex from other men, but only shun it - "choose" not to do it - because it's "wrong."  Any guys who do desire it are not straight, they're bi.  And for bi guys, they're only "choice" is between two things, men and women - two "flavors," as it were - that they already like.  For the rest of us, it doesn't work that way.

When the religious right, and other gay-haters, say that being gay is a choice, they very often equate it with being an alcoholic (which is funny, since we now know that alcoholism is genetic and not really a choice either).  What they mean is, you choose to put that drink to your lips.  And you can choose not to put that man to your lips.  What they really mean is that gay men are into women, but we somehow "choose" to be into guys instead, and we can unchoose any time we want and start being into women again, which is ridiculous.  That's what Cynthia Nixon "confirmed" when she told the Times that being gay is a choice.

What the haters, and Cynthia Nixon, are leaving out is that for most men it's an easy choice since they're not into other men at all, they're only into women.  But for gay guys, they're into other guys, and not into women.  So for us, it's the only choice; and for straight guys, it's no choice at all.

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