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Weaker jobs outlook ahead

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The chaos in Europe and the continuing austerity related problems in the UK will certainly have an impact on jobs. Making matters worse are the reports of closing factories in China due to lesser demand for goods in the West. It's still a mystery how this won't have a negative impact on the US so let's see how that goes. Reuters:

The hiring outlook dipped from the fourth quarter in nearly every European economy Manpower polls, with a few exceptions including Italy and the Netherlands. In Spain and Greece, the net employment outlook is negative, meaning more employers expect to cut jobs than to add them.

Job prospects in France and Germany softened from the fourth quarter, but remain positive, Manpower's survey of 65,000 hiring managers found. The German finance and business services sectors report the strongest demand for staff in that economy.

India and Japan were the only Asian economies where hiring prospects are expected to improve next quarter. Japan's mining and construction sectors show the strongest outlook as the country recovers from a devastating March earthquake.

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