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Team Romney goes full Teabag and joins birthers

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Maybe they've been wearing their Mormon underwear a little too tight lately because they're losing it. Of course, Romney has never been afraid to dive into a new position every other day so it's not too surprising either.

One of Mitt Romney's sons has an answer for those who say his father should release his tax returns. He jokes that President Barack Obama should go first and release his birth certificate and other records. Matt Romney's wisecrack came before an audience in New Hampshire on Friday. In response on Twitter, the Obama campaign tweeted, in part, "Guess he doesn't have one of our mugs?" The Obama campaign sells mugs with a picture of Obama's birth certificate.
Just as unsurprising as the denier charge, Romney later Tweeted that it was all just a joke. Of course it was. Of course it was. Mitt Romney, meanwhile, had the audacity to suggest Obama is an elitist since he's vacationing in Hawaii with his family. Yes, the man who made a few hundred million dollars by chopping jobs and has houses all over America is not an elitist. Just because Romney is cashing in on Wall Street money and doing his best to make life even easier for Wall Street, it doesn't make him an elitist. It makes him an asshole.

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