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The Specials - Gangsters

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The sun is out and the skies are clear but there's no leaving home today. After being drenched in the rain I managed to pick up a bit of a cold. I was doing my normal lunchtime 60 minute bike ride earlier in the week and all was going well until I rode over something and my tire started to lose air. No worries, I have a spare. I couldn't find the puncture but it didn't matter since I also forgot my patch kit. It started to drizzle as I took off my rear tire and replaced it with the new tube. I would have preferred no drizzle, but fine.

As I'm pumping up my tire, the air suddenly gushes out. Hmmmm. Not good. I then notice that the valve popped out and was nowhere to be found. Yeah. Really not good. I then take a chance with the old tube, hoping I can pump it up and make it a a little bit closer to home but that doesn't last long. Then it starts to rain and it's heavy. Mind you, I'm about 10 kilometers from home and there are no trains nearby. (Can't take a bike on a bus or Metro here.) As I'm walking the rain gets harder and then the final insult happens when it starts to hail. The hail was getting stuck inside the crevices of my helmet making my head nice and cool.

The sun going down (it was a late lunch, as always) then made it nice and chilly. Thankfully my father in law was able to swing by and meet me to give me and the bike a lift home. Just a guess, but I think that's the day I officially got sick this week. But nice sunshine today. Hooray.

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