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Romney offers Perry a $10,000 bet: Is Romney sunk?

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The endless debates were bound to end in tears. Now the GOP candidate who had the best chance of winning the Presidency if nominated has shot his credibility trying to one-up Rick Perry.

Perry was attacking Romney during last night's GOP debate for changing his book from the hardcover to the softcover edition.  Perry says that the hardcover mentioned that the country should adopt Massachusetts's health care reform, which included an individual mandate, while the softcover deleted that reference.  Romney said it's not true, and offered to bet Perry $10,000 that he couldn't prove it.

Stick a fork in the 50 cent billionaire: He is done. That $10K bet just reminded voters that Mitt is just like the rest of us, only with more money, a lot more money, much, much, much more money, way more money than anyone needs or should ever want. Ten grand to Romney is like ten bucks to the 99%.

#what10Kbuys is trending on the Twitter.

As with the 'Dean Scream', it is a flub that a strong candidate would probably just shrug off. But Romney is no longer the front runner and is behind in every state poll other than New Hampshire. Throwing his wealth around to score a point may not damage his poll showing very much but it will make it much harder for him to recover.

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