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Rate of homeless children has skyrocketed since 2007

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It's no coincidence that this rapid increase started at the same time as the economy started to collapse. The bankers never seem to connect the dots and accept their responsibility for ruining families. For that matter, the political class isn't very good at that either as they keep finding new ways to make life easy for those who caused the problems.

In a report issued earlier this month, the National Center on Family Homelessness, based in Needham, Massachusetts, said 1.6 million children were living on the streets of the United States last year or in shelters, motels and doubled-up with other families. That marked a 38 percent jump in child homelessness since 2007 and Ellen Bassuk, the center's president, attributes the increase to fallout from the U.S. recession and a surge in the number of extremely poor households headed by women. Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau provided a sobering backdrop. Based on new or experimental methodology aimed at providing a fuller picture of poverty, the data showed that about 48 percent of Americans are living in poverty or on low incomes.

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