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Putin's wealth valued at $179,612

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Some people believe that Mitt Romney is just a simple "99%" kind of guy or that Obama really had no real chance to change the system. There are surely some people who will fall for this too, but are there enough of them this time to believe such a tall tale?

Vladimir Putin has faced claims that he is the richest man in Europe, presiding over a mafia state and with a personal fortune of more than $40bn (£25.5bn). But Russia's central election commission has said his bank balance was rather more modest – a mere $179,612. The prime minister's income from the past four years was $557,744, it added. Putin was also said to own two modest apartments, in Moscow and St Petersburg, and a plot of land. The politician, who usually travels in an armoured state-owned Mercedes, owns several cars, including two vintage Volgas – a 1960 GAZ M21 and a 1965 GAZ M-21P – as well as a 2009 Lada. He also has a car trailer made in 1987.

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