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Putin: Protests in Russia are all Hillary's fault

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I really wish Hillary Clinton could stop rigging elections in Russia to make it look like Vladimir Putin won in suspicious conditions. Please Hillary, you have to stop tampering with the Russian elections and let Putin return the country to being a proper democracy.

Vladimir Putin has accused Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, of fomenting an increasingly vociferous opposition movement in Russia, threatening to derail the two countries' fragile resetting of relations.

The accusation builds on months of Russian statements and media coverage blaming popular uprisings around the Arab world on western scheming. It comes as Washington and Moscow tussle over a host of disagreements, from missile defence to Syria.

Speaking to supporters on Thursday, Putin accused Clinton of giving "the signal" to opposition leaders, who are expected to gather with tens of thousands of supporters for a protest on Saturday. He rejected Clinton's repeated criticism of a parliamentary vote last weekend that gave Putin's United Russia party nearly 50% of the vote amid widespread reports of fraud.
Ahhh, the secret signal that all Americans know and love. Was it the double eye wink or was it the secret code word that every American knows?

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