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Protesters march in Homs, Syria as Arab League visits

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Everyone knows what is happening in Syria, so the Arab League is going to have to assert itself and stand up for the victims of violence in Syria. There's an impressive video of the march that swelled to 70,000 people yesterday in Homs. Al Jazeera:

Activists, meanwhile, reported that about 70,000 protesters have tried to march to the centre of Homs, and that security forces have been firing tear gas in an attempt to break up the protests. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights earlier said a group was gathering in Khalidiyeh, one of the four parts of Homs where there has been heavy bloodshed as armed opposition fight security forces using tanks. Footage posted online also showed big crowds of anti-government protesters in the neighbourhood of Bab Sbaa and a funeral march in Ghouta area. Pro-Assad rallies were also reported in two other neighbourhoods. Witnesses said the army pulled back tanks from Bab Amr, a flashpoint neighbourhood in the city, ahead of the observers' arrival on Tuesday. However, some activists said tanks had just been repositioned in other areas of the city.

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