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Please contribute to AMERICAblog this holiday season (if you can)

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If the spirit moves you, we'd welcome your donation to help us keep AMERICAblog running in the new year.

As I've mentioned before, this is my full time job, and has been for years. With the advent of the economic crisis, advertising (our main source of revenue) took a major hit - we're making (I'm making) 25% of what we were before the crisis. I'm surviving, as is the blog, but if you like the work we do, and if you can, please support us now and in the coming year.

I really believe that the work of independent progressive activists has been critical in not just keeping the Republicans at bay, but also in forcing the Democrats to keep their promises. No, the Democrats haven't done enough, but what they have done is due in large part to the pressure the Netroots, and you, have put on them.

The Democratic Party has never really embraced the Netroots as they should have, and they certainly haven't given us the kind of financial support they should. We built, with little help from the powers that be, our own left-wing noise machine to rival Fox and Limbaugh. But the only way we can keep it going, all of us, all of our favorite blogs, is by the support of readers like you.

So if you can, please consider donating to this blog, but also to all the blogs you follow. In the spirit of Mitt Romney, please keep in mind that blogs are people :)

Thanks so much, from me, Joe, Chris, Gaius, Myrddin (or however he spells his name), and the rest of the gang at AMERICAblog and AMERICAblog Gay. Hope you have a nice holiday.

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