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North Korea’s baby Jesus story

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You really have to give them credit for such a story. The previous tale of Kim Jong Il's birth on Mount Paektu, Korea rather than Siberia where the family was in exile was fancy enough, but the story of his death takes it up to eleven.

North Korea says a fierce snowstorm paused and the sky began glowing red above sacred Mount Paektu just minutes before leader Kim Jong Il's death. State media say the ice on volcanic Lake Chon at the mountain in the far north cracked with a load roar. And in the city of Hamhung, a Manchurian crane circled a statue of Kim's father, late President Kim Il Sung, before alighting on a tree, its head drooping before it took off toward Pyongyang.
Also right up there is the tale of the now dead president working hard until the end on his train en route to somewhere important, even though his train had not moved in days. Our politicians often have creative re-writes of history but it's still nothing compared to this. Even the Bible, which was written hundreds of years after the fact, has a number of stretches, but it might not be this bad.

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