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Netflix lobbies to remove movie viewing privacy

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Naturally the GOP controlled House passed the bill, which now moves onto the Senate. This is the typical actions of the 1% who are convinced that your privacy is irrelevant and that you're only on this planet to help them flog their products. Let them go exploit someone else for profit. Unless Netflix is willing to make movies free for everyone in exchange for this valuable information that only benefits Netflix, let them go Cheney themselves. NY Times:

Netflix is backing a bill in Congress that would amend the Video Privacy Protection Act, a 1988 law that requires a video services company to get a customer’s written consent when it seeks to disclose that client’s personal information, such as rental history. The new bill, passed by the House last Tuesday, would allow consumers to give one-time blanket consent online for a company to share their viewing habits continuously.

In a social networking ecosystem where sharing information about personal activities is already ubiquitous, the bill may seem to be a no-brainer. After all, Foursquare already shares its members’ locations. Spotify already shares the titles of songs its members are playing with their Facebook cohorts. And Facebook publishes links to articles that its members’ friends have read. So, Netflix executives argue, it’s high time for a bill that would give members of video services the same option to divulge their personal details.

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