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Nearly half of voters unhappy with candidates for president

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Who really likes any of them? The Republicans are all nuts except for the guy who will say anything. Even for Obama, I know two people who think he's doing a great job but the others who voted for him remain highly disappointed at best and others often disgusted. Perhaps the more people get to know the wacky GOP candidate the more they will gravitate towards Obama but he certainly won't win over many with his record. The question for Gallup is whether this will be more like the election of 1994 or 2000. Gallup:

Americans give mixed signals in response to these poll questions asking about the state of the presidential election this year. They are not strongly pleased with the choice of presidential candidates so far in this campaign, suggesting, as was the case in 1992, that a third-party challenger -- or a new candidate emerging to challenge for the GOP nomination -- could find some success. Americans are also displeased with the way in which the campaign process is working, which could be part of the more general negative attitude Gallup is finding toward the way the nation's government is working. On the other hand, Americans' views of the candidates' ideas for solving problems are actually more positive now than they were in 1992, although less positive than in January 2008.

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