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Multi-millionaire Mitt Romney calls Obama member of "one percent"

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It's bizarre when Romney does this kind of thing.  He's a multi-millionaire - his net worth is estimated at $202 million.  Romney grew up in a rich political family, spend the past two decades running for political office because he's so rich he doesn't need a real job - and mind you, Romney doesn't have a job now.  He's so wealthy he doesn't have to work.  You don't get to be that person, and then accuse some guy whose father abandoned him, left him and his now-single mom with meager resources, of being the "1%".

This is more of Romney trying to be everything to everyone, and lying about his record along the way.  I mean seriously, the man is filthy rich and he accuses Obama of being the one percent?

From Americans United for Change, via email:

Oh, now THIS is rich...
Romney, in an interview with The Washington Post, offered some of his toughest criticism to date of the politician whose sudden rise in the polls has made him, at least for now, the front-runner for the nomination. He also had tough words for President Obama and his campaign, saying he would not let them portray him as a tool of Wall Street and calling the president “a member of the 1 percent.”
Right, right, uh huh. Has Mitt Romney met Mitt Romney?
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