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Hillary met with Suu Kyi to wrap up Myanmar visit

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Although there's little reason why anyone should trust the military in Myanmar, opening up that country is still a good idea. (Although even when I visited ten years ago, I did see with my own eyes a US military transport plane at the airport. Hmmm.) The fact that Hillary was allowed to meet with Suu Kyi is an encouraging sign but we should never forget who we're dealing with there.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a final meeting with Suu Kyi as she wrapped up a landmark visit to Myanmar which saw the new civilian government pledge to forge ahead with political reforms and re-engage with the world community.

Clinton and Suu Kyi - the Nobel laureate who has come to symbolize the pro-democracy aspirations of Myanmar's people - held a private dinner on Thursday and met again on Friday at Suu Kyi's lakeside home, effectively her prison until she was released in November last year after years in detention.

"We are happy with the way in which the United States is engaging with us and it is through engagement that we hope to promote a process of democratization," said Suu Kyi, adding that Clinton's visit was a "historical moment" for both countries.

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