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Government shutdown averted

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From McJoan at Daily Kos:

There won't be a partial government shutdown, apparently, as House and Senate leaders negotiated a $1 trillion deal to fund the government through 2012, with 27 hours to spare. The bill eliminates the restrictions on travel to Cuba that the administration opposed. It still contains a ban on the District of Columbia spending local tax money on abortion, cuts out funding for the IRS to begin gearing up for implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and of course blocks new light bulb standards, standards that were signed into law by George W. Bush.

On the payroll tax cut extension, unemployment benefit extension, Medicare "doc fix" front, there are possible outcomes, the best of which is a temporary two-month extension so they can come back and hammer out the precedent-setting pay-fors. Apparently all sides have conceded that tax cuts for the middle class have to be paid for, even if those for rich people don't, so someone is gonna get hurt. And it's not going to be millionaires, because that demand has been officially dropped.

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