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Egyptian security and police shut down US NGOs

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It's always the same old story with the Egyptian powers that be. They're never shy taking the billions of dollars of US government money, but they also like blaming the US for all of their problems and use the US as their scapegoat. The US has of course been central to many bad things that occurred in Egypt, but that was by backing the powers that be. While it was encouraging that the US did eventually see the light and publicly use strong language to ask for restraints against the protesters, it's always understood that the US will be there to throw money at the Egyptian military. The timing of the raids was fortunate since it was when Congress was not in session but we should expect repercussions from these raids soon enough. The Egyptian military still needs to be tamed because if these raids say a lot about how much power they intend to hold regardless of the new government. Al Jazeera:

Egyptian security forces and police have stormed non-governmental organisation (NGO) offices throughout the country, temporarily detaining employees and searching computer files, an activist and security official have said. The official MENA news agency said 17 "civil society organisations", including two prominent US-based pro-democracy groups that run programmes training political parties, had been targeted as part of an investigation into foreign funding of such groups. "The public prosecutor has searched 17 civil society organisations, local and foreign, as part of the foreign funding case," MENA cited the Egyptian prosecutor's office as saying. "The search is based on evidence showing violation of Egyptian laws including not having permits."

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