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CEO pay way up in US this year

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Everyone obviously likes to make more money, but this is counter productive for everyone. The US is supposed to be a country that is dependent upon consumers, but if consumers are being squeezed with flat pay and high unemployment, how is the economy supposed to grow? For the remaining clueless people who don't understand why the Occupy movement has been so large and so popular, this is another great example to reference. The Guardian:

This year's survey shows CEO pay packages have boomed: the top 10 earners took home more than $770m between them in 2010. As stock prices began to recover last year, the increase in CEO pay outstripped the rise in share value. The Russell 3000 measure of US stock prices was up by 16.93% in 2010, but CEO pay went up by 27.19% overall. For S&P 500 CEOs, the largest companies in the sample, total realised compensation – including perks and pensions and stock awards – increased by a median of 36.47%. Total pay at midcap companies, which are slightly smaller than the top firms, rose 40.2%.

GMI released a preliminary report on 2010 CEO pay earlier this year, before all the data was available. Paul Hodgson, a senior research associate at GMI, said that report had shown a significant bounce but he had expected a wider sample to dampen the effect.

"Wages for everybody else have either been in decline or stagnated in this period, and that's for those who are in work," said Hodgson. "I had a feeling that we would see some significant increases this year. But 30-40% was something of a surprise." Bosses won in every area, with dramatic increases in pensions, payoffs and perks – as well as salary.
Interesting enough, the bankers are not at the top of the list, but a health care executive is at the top.

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