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Bank CEOs continue to be well paid

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Results are irrelevant in the banking industry. It must be nice to screw up so badly yet still command such enormous payouts. The numbers below are estimate made by Dick Bove of Rochdale Securities. CNBC:

Take JPMorgan Chase. The Wall Street titan's CEO, Jamie Dimon, will earn just shy of $42 million this year for a bank that lost nearly a quarter of its market cap—or 23 percent—during the year, according to Bove's numbers. There's also Bank of America head Brian T. Moynihan, who will earn a comparatively small $2.26 million this year while his bank's market value dropped 60 percent — the worst in Rochdale's study. Goldman Sachs head Lloyd Blankfein's compensation was $21.7 million, while the investment bank he runs lost 46.4 percent of its market cap. Richard B. Handler, who runs Jefferies, earned $21.4 million for a firm that a few months ago came under the gun for its potential exposure to European debt, the Rochdale analysis shows.

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