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Aussie mobile carriers have simple code to shut stolen phones

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So besides being good for the business of selling new phones, why don't US mobile operators do the same? Doesn't this make sense for consumers? It's time to start showing some respect for consumers again. Consumers carry the US economy, but they continue to be treated like low grade dog food for the corporate world.

But American phone companies aren't doing that. When asked why, representatives from Sprint, Verizon and AT&T instead touted their apps to locate a lost phone or wipe out a SIM card. But that's not the issue. Petty thieves ditch the SIM card immediately. That doesn't shut down the phone.

Australia uses something akin to a serial number, basically a 15-digit fingerprint found on every phone. That number is transmitted every time the phone is used. A database crosschecks the number and blocks service to anyone who uses a stolen phone. The service is free to cellular customers.

When American carriers are asked why they don't do the same, there is a lot of huffing and puffing and hand waving, but none of it is very convincing. Frankly, the carriers don't gain anything from putting in this service, and actually add customers if someone signs up a stolen phone with them. As for the phone companies, every stolen phone is a potential new sale.

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