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Wisconsin DA charges 6 y.o. boy with felony for playing doctor with 5 y.o. girl

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Just so no one ever forgets the real villains here:

The District Attorney pushing this ridiculous case is Lisa Riniker.

The judge, who apparently thinks it's reasonable to waste the court's time pursuing felony sexual assault charges against six year olds, is  Judge Bill Dyke.

As for the kids at the center of this "felony."  He was six.  She was five.  He touched her butt while playing "butt doctor."  Mom walked in, freaked out.

Give me a break.

The parents of the six year old boy are now suing the district attorney for $12 million in damages for daring to file this case at all, and they deserve every penny they can get.  Read on.

The boy — who under Wisconsin law is too young to be charged with a crime or in a juvenile delinquency petition, the equivalent of a criminal complaint for adults — was accused of first-degree sexual assault in a petition seeking protection or services for the boy. Such petitions are typically used by parents or authorities to identify children younger than 10 who need services to change inappropriate behavior.

According to the petition for protection or services, the girl's mother found her daughter in the boy's yard "with her skirt and underpants around her ankles" and the boy sitting underneath her, penetrating her with his finger.

The girl told her mother they were playing "butt doctor" and told authorities the boy only touched her on the outside of her body, court documents state.
According to
"When the boy's lawyer tried to have the charge dismissed, [District Attorney Lisa] Riniker replied: 'The legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute if it wanted to. The legislature did no such thing.'"

I don't care how messed up a six year old is, you don't charge him with a sex offense that will force him to be listed as a sex offender when he reaches 18.  A six year old.  Seriously?  A six year old?  Much more information from the parents' complaint.  I mean if we really want to get technical (and ridiculous) about it, if the five year old was a willing party then how do we know that she didn't statutorily rape the six year old as well - after all, she was having sexual relations with an underage boy too.  Does the five year old girl get to register as a sex offender at the age of 18 as well?  Just imagine the cross examination that each of these children will be forced to undergo, and for this?  This is seriously what people in Wisconsin pay their district attorneys to do?  Uh, no other crime going on in Wisconsin these days?  The parents claim the DA's case is politically motivated.  Ya think?

Oh, and now DA Riniker has gotten a gag order to stop the parents from telling their side of the story publicly.  Yeah, I can imagine it might prove a tad embarrassing to Riniker if word got out that she was ridding the word of 6 year olds playing "butt doctor."  It's a tad late for Riniker to try to minimize the damage to herself on this one. Listen to what Riniker reportedly did to the six year old boy, again per Reason:
"She [Riniker] bypassed the parents and sent a 6-year-old boy a summons, on which is a threat that the 6-year-old will go to jail for failure to appear," Cooper said.
Now that's someone who really cares about children.

Absolutely astounding. I mean, in DC it's hard to get them to prosecute actual violent criminals, forget about horny six year olds playing "butt doctor."  But in Wisconsin...

Hey, here's a neat fact.  In Wisconsins, it's a felony for five and six year olds to play butt doctor, but adult first cousins can.  Yes, under certain circumstances the state of Wisconsin permits first cousins to wed.  But five and six year olds playing butt doctor, bring the full force of the state down on them.

I wonder how high the bail is for playing butt doctor, and whether you have to pay with real money or Monopoly money?  And do the court proceedings break twice a day for nap time?

For any of the national media, or the Daily Show, interested in this story, have at it - here's the DA's work address and contact info:

Lisa Riniker
130 W Maple St
Lancaster WI 53813
Phone: 608-723-4237
Fax: 608-723-4382

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