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WI also accusing six year old boy of "disorderly conduct" for grabbing breasts

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I wrote this morning about a Wisconsin district attorney who is charging a six year old boy with a felony for playing "butt doctor" with a five year old girl. Well, apparently there's more to the story. The six year old boy is also being charged with "disorderly conduct" for allegedly grabbing his babysitters' breasts, and then taking off his clothes and trying to kiss them.  Seriously. From

A second petition accusing the boy of disorderly conduct alleges that last summer he repeatedly grabbed the breasts of two teenage baby sitters, took off his clothes and rubbed himself on their legs and tried to kiss them.
He's 6. You should have seen my nephew, and my niece. Both just LOVED taking their clothes off and running around the house - it's all we could do to stop them from running out the front door like that. That didn't make them sexual predators. As for trying to grab their breasts... he's six. I was at the dog groomer yesterday and a beautiful lab put its nose in my crotch, repeatedly.  Guess I should have had Lassie arrested for rape.

There's now a Facebook page taking on the district attorney.

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