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UK government shuts down environmental group

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It's much better to prop up the banks rather than any organization that might help improve the overall quality of life for people. Most of the loons in the GOP would like to do the same, and then some in the US. Somehow they all miss the fact that improving the quality of air is better for people who will have fewer health care costs due to pollution. The Guardian:

Formed as the Coal Smoke Abatement Society at the end of the nineteenth century, Environmental Protection UK provided expert analysis on air quality and, more recently, contaminated land and waste issues. But over the past two years, the Brighton-based charity has faced severe financial challenges due to the coalition's cuts to local authorities, which purchase its products and services.

The closure comes as a report by the European Environment Agency said air pollution costs the UK up to €18bn a year, and an influential group of MPs warning the government is putting thousands of lives at risk due to the UK's failure to meet European air pollution standards.

Trustees announced on Monday that EPUK could no longer operate as a fully funded, staffed organisation, and that they will close it in March 2012. Ten staff will lose their jobs or take early redundancy.
Remember when the Tories told the lie about being the greenest government?

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