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UK discussing transparency with boardroom pay

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It's not a policy that the would normally be promoted by the Tories (in this case, it's done by the Lib Dems) but these are not normal times. The rosy promises of prosperity through austerity are falling apart so this might even have a chance. A small chance, but still a chance. More transparency is not a bad thing for the 99%. The Guardian:

Government action to curb boardroom pay becomes more likely as an influential group with the ear of the business secretary, Vince Cable, publishes proposals to reduce the pay gap.

Warning high pay is "corrosive" to the UK economy, the High Pay Commission calls for greater transparency in the setting of executive pay and says employees should sit on remuneration committees. Its recommendations come in the most comprehensive report yet on the need for action on top salaries.

The report shows executive pay has risen sharply – the pay of the head of Barclays is up nearly 5,000% in 30 years – while average wages have increased just threefold.

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