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UC Davis arrests 10 peaceful students, Chancellor still employed

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What parent would want to send their son or daughter to UC Davis at this time? You have to wonder about what is going on with a number of universities that treat their students so poorly. As John mentioned earlier, this will surely also have an impact on fundraising which is always going on with universities. There is no acceptable reason why the university should tolerate such brutal tactics against peaceful students. People need to be fired immediately at UC Davis, starting with Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi and the campus police chief.

A video of police in riot gear pepper spraying demonstrators is spreading after 10 Occupy protesters were arrested on the University of California, Davis campus Friday, Sacramento NBC station KCRA reported.

The demonstrators were protesting the dismantling of the "Occupy UC Davis" encampment that was set up in the school's quad area.

"Police came and brutalized them and tore their tents down and all that stuff. It was really scary. It felt like there was anarchy everywhere," said student Hisham Alihbob.

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