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Two dead, hundreds injured in latest Cairo protests

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The Egyptian military will not go down easily, but we've been here before. The US-supported military has been so bad lately, that the US has openly complained and told them they need to turn over power to civilians. The longer the old guard clings to power the greater the risk for radicalization by the protesters. If things take a turn for the worse, let's remember that point. The Guardian:

Egypt has been hit by another wave of major violence ahead of parliamentary elections after security forces opened fire on thousands of protesters demonstrating against the military junta.

Two people were reported dead and more than 600 injured in central Cairo after riot police sent volleys of tear gas, rubber bullets and "birdshot" pellet cartridges into the crowds. The clashes put further pressure on the ruling generals and cast doubt on the ability of police to secure the poll, scheduled to begin on 28 November.

"All options are on the table, but right now – given the state Egypt is in – nobody can see how the military council can pull off these elections," said Mahmoud Salem, a prominent blogger who is running for parliament but who has now frozen his campaign. "I'm at the international eye hospital at the moment with my friend Malek Mustafa, who has been shot in the head by police with a pellet cartridge and looks likely to lose his eye. How can I continue?"

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