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Tea Party / OWS rapprochement?

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Occupy Memphis member Mallory Pope had just finished telling a group of about 75 tea party followers Thursday night that politicians should not allow themselves to be influenced by lobbyists and unions when she received an unexpected invitation.

"It sounds to me that y'all ought to be joining us," said Jerry Rains, a 64-year-old computer programmer and tea party member. "You have a lot of the same goals we have, which is to take our country back."
I'm not sure how I see the two groups truly cooperating.  I suspect a good chunk of Tea Party members are Fox News devotees who simply do not have any clear idea of what's going on in this country - they listen to Fox, believe the lies that they hear, and of course they think Obama is a socialist on the very of turning us over to the Soviet Union.  How do you work together with someone who doesn't have the same grasp on what the reality is?  It's like negotiating with someone in a foreign language that you don't speak.

Second, I think another chunk of Tea Party members are Republicans who legitimately think government isn't working, our representatives in Washington stink, etc.  But again, I worry that underneath it all they're conservative  Republicans.  Their solutions are going to be Paul Ryan's solutions.  Things that don't bear much resemblance to the actual problem at hand.  They rail against the stimulus because they've been sold a lie, that stimulus plans don't work, when they do, and it did.

Having said all of that, one thing I learned in politics a long time ago, is that some days you're my enemy, some days you're my friend.  Just because someone is, oh I don't know, the former head of the Republican party, doesn't mean that with some cultivation you can't turn them into a million dollar gay rights activists.  You'd be surprised at some of the wooing I've seen that has worked in politics in the past.  So, I don't think people should write off discussions with the Tea Party.  I simply worry as to how much of the Tea Party isn't a front for Dick Armey and Fox News, and I think it's not much.

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