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The spotty environmental record of Obama

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There have been a few occasional bones thrown to environmentalists, but in general, the successes are few and far between. This administration has been a repeat of the George Bush years in may ways (the economy, the wars) including the environment. Environmentalists still wonder how Obama could have been so supportive if BP during the Deepwater disaster. Few liberal causes have much to cheer about with Obama, which suggests a fundamental problem with the Democratic Party that too often looks just like the Republican Party, but with less asshole-ishness. The end result regardless of party is too often the same.

The steady stream of oil and coal industry lobbyists to Oira did not end when Bush left office – arguably it turned into a flood. Environmental regulations made up only 10% of Oira business in Bush's time, but 36% of the office's business was meeting with outside lobbyists.

Under Obama, Oira has dedicated more than half of its meetings, 51%, to discussing pending environmental regulations with industry lobbyists, the report says.

And for industry the meetings paid off – about as much under Obama as under Bush. Following those meetings with outsiders, Oira changed 84% of EPA rules during the Bush era. Depending on how you calculate it, the change rate was even higher under Obama. Oira changed 81% of environmental rules after meetings with lobbyists. But the change rate rises to 85% once all Oira decisions on environmental regulations are factored in.

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