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Protests continue in Cairo, at least 11 reported dead

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This didn't have to happen, but the Egyptian military couldn't live up to its agreements to transfer power. It should give everyone a pretty good idea just how corrupt they are and how much they stand to lose when their position is exposed. If the military is this eager to destroy anyone who questions them after the bloody uprisings this spring, they really must be nervous. (Probably for good reason.) The situation today is not unlike the spring protests, including many dead or seriously injured on the street as this photo shows. Al Jazeera:

Protesters calling for Egypt's military to hand over power have beaten back a new raid by security forces to evict them from Cairo's Tahrir Square after more than 48 hours of violence in the heart of the Egyptian capital.

Security forces fired tear gas and attacked a makeshift field hospital on Monday morning, while protesters broke up pavements to hurl chunks of concrete at police.

Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reporting from Tahrir Square, said: "Throughout the morning plumes of tear gas are rising over houses. There are sporadic clashes happening around the outskirts of the square."

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