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Egyptian military accepts government resignation, violence continues

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The Egyptian military is now saying that sure, they are keeping to their word and that they want nothing more than a peaceful transition to democracy. On paper it sounds good but using live ammunition on your own people and leaving 33 dead on the streets of Cairo does raise some suspicions. Al Jazeera:

But neither the cabinet's announcement nor Tantawi's speech ended the street fighting, which continued to rage on the side streets leading from Tahrir Square to the Interior Ministry.

Riot police from the Central Security Forces, backed by soldiers, fired tear gas and rubber rounds to disperse mobs of young men using rocks and petrol bombs in an attempt to force their way through barricades and reach the ministry.

There were similar scenes in Alexandria, Egypts second biggest city, where protesters repeatedly tried to reach the local police headquarters and fought pitched battles with security forces.

"I could clearly hear the sound of stun guns to try and electrocute protesters gathered around [the police]. " Al Jazeera's Rawya Rageh reported.

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