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Obama picks Judd Gregg as Secretary of Commerce

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It's official:

During his remarks, Gregg said, "This is not a time for partisanship." Really? If so, why did Gregg insist on being replaced by a Republican Senator? Because, Gregg went out of his way to make it clear he cut a deal. He said:

I also want to that thank the Governor of New Hampshire for his courtesy and courage in being willing to make this possible through the agreement we have relative to my successor in the Senate.
If partisanship doesn't matter, why would Gregg care if a Republican gets his seat. The Republicans have a double standard for bi-partisanship -- and Democrats let them get away with it. (But, it makes David Broder happy.)

Just wondering: If a Republican president appointed a Democratic Senator to his cabinet, how many Republican governors would agree to deal that only let them replace a Democrat with a Democrat? I believe the answer is NONE. Democrats are such saps.

When the Republican Senators filibuster the Obama agenda time and time again, the White House can look back at this event and quote Judd Gregg, "This is not a time for partisanship." That'll work.

UPDATE: I can't forget my question from today's morning open thread:
Be interesting to see what potential cabinet member/GOP Senator Judd Gregg does this week [on the stimulus bill.] Which side is he going to be on?
Does Gregg side with his old boss, McConnell, or his new boss, Obama?

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