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CNBC: It could be a great time to buy stocks!

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Here we go again. If ever there was a sign of trouble ahead, it's the regular market cheerleading by CNBC. They are like clockwork, there to offer reasons to buy when everyone else is running away from the failing markets. CNBC:

Investors may be waiting a long time for stocks to rebound, but that doesn't mean they have to sit on their hands.

As the market slides back towards its November lows and investors worry that the stimulus package may not do much to boost the economy, it's hard to find any reason to buy stocks. But even if the overall market continues to worsen, there are always individual stocks and funds that buck the trend.

"Things don't have to improve, but just stop getting worse," says Gary M. Flam, portfolio manager at Bel Air Investment Advisors in Los Angeles. "At the end of the day—outside certain credit spreads—you have seen very little stabilization for the economy, just increasing signs that things are getting worse. That's made it very hard for the market to rally here."
Right. And where exactly is that stability?

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