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You can call him Senator Burris by the end of the week

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After all the drama, Roland Burris is going to become a Senator this week:

The decision to seat Roland W. Burris in the Senate as early as Jan. 15 represents an about-face by the Democratic leadership, but it helps the party move on from a controversy that threatened to distract the chamber for months from the new administration’s priorities.
But, Burris is just about the only politico who won't ask Blago to quit:
Asked on NBC’s “Today Show” whether Blagojevich, who was arrested for allegedly trying to auction off President-elect Obama’s open Senate seat, should resign or be removed from office, Burris said it was not his place to weigh in.

“He has stated that he would not resign. So my calling on his resignation would not have any effect whatsoever,” Burris said. “My vision is that you’re innocent in this legal system until you’re proven guilty.”

He repeated the answer later on MSNBC.

His new colleagues did not hesitate to ask for Blagojevich to step down. In a Dec. 10 letter, all 50 Democrats serving in the Senate asked the governor to resign.

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