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Thursday Morning Open Thread

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Good morning.

The sun is out again -- finally. It seems like it's been dark and gray for days and days. Actually, in some ways, it feels like it's been dark and gray for eight years. But, that's going to change.

D.C. is really gearing up for the inauguration. Today's Washington Post tells us that the bridges and highways into and out of the city will be shut down for the day. If you're attending, plan to do a lot of walking. The Metro can't really accommodate the expected crowds and a number of stations will be closed. I'd suggest comfortable shoes, very comfortable shoes. And, consider a little trick I learned from running marathons: Vaseline. Put vaseline on your toes or any other part of your foot that might chafe or get blisters. Vaseline or "BodyGlide," which is a great anti-chafing product. The inauguration is going to be truly historic -- and truly complicated logistically.

Okay, on to the news...

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