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Thursday Morning Open Thread

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Good morning and Happy New Year. I guess by now it's 2009 around the world.

19 days til Bush and Cheney are gone. The countdown is real. It's been a long, long eight years and I'm only beginning to accept the fact that their reign is going to be over.

Also, I do have one more New Years Resolution: I'm never going to read or link to the god-awful, painful, cartoonish website, The Page, which is written by the equally painful Mark Halperin. I do reserve the right to link to other sites that mock Halperin and The Page, especially any post from Jason Linkins at Huffington Post. He dissects Halperin better than anyone. (UPDATE @ 10:42 a.m.: Jed pretty much demolishes Halperin's sycophantic analysis of George Bush's presidency in a post over at DailyKos this morning.)

Let's get the new year started...

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