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Saudi King pledges $1 billion for Gaza rebuilding

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Great news, but what has taken so long? For all of the complaining that everyone offers about the US money sent to Israel, they always conveniently overlook the billions that the US also sends to neighboring Egypt and Jordan, not to mention EU money. The Arab world too often fails to financially support neighboring countries while they drift deeper into financial ruin and choose radical options for political leadership. While I have my disagreements with Israel policy, the same could be said about Israelis who often have mixed opinions on public policy which is of course, just like Americans or any other country that has mixed opinions on policy.

All of this aside what I believe is that Israel has done a better job than most countries with the money they receive. Are there problems? Sure. Do they make mistakes? Of course. However, to fault Israel for building a modern country that offers jobs and a high standard of living while neighbors are stuck in poverty - despite receiving billions themselves - makes no sense at all. I've spent enough time in Israel as well as the region to know that Israel has made their share of mistakes but they've also done a hell of a job building a future for their people. Maybe it's time the Saudi family and other rich families spend more time opening their wallets and building a future for the Palestinians (and their own people) instead of promoting hate. Let the king spend a billion, hopefully more. Rebuild Gaza and help build a future. That's something everyone could agree upon including the Israelis.

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