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Rick Warren's friends are liars

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Though this shouldn't surprise anyone. I've found that far-right bigots have a rather difficult time with the commandment concerning "bearing false witness." Well, in an effort to keep the controversy over Obama's selection of an anti-gay bigot to give the invocation at his swearing, Rick Warren's friends are not only accusing civil rights advocates of "intolerance" (because they refuse to tolerate intolerance - get it?), but, as usual, their entire defense of Warren is one big lie. Per Warren's buddies, the reason everyone is so upset with Rick Warren coming to the inauguration is that he doesn't support gay marriage. That's a flat out lie. The reason people have a problem with Rick Warren is because the far-right bigot equated gays and lesbians with pedophiles and practitioners of incest. But to acknowledge that - to actually tell people the real reason Rick Warren has people so incensed - might jeopardize the religious right's ongoing mission to deceive the majority of Americans into embracing their hate-filled extremist agenda.

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