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The Olympics did wonders for opening up China

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Oh the lessons learned in Beijing. The only upside is that Google has been slapped by Beijing as well. If only they also took a shot at Yahoo!, the other portal who didn't mind working hand in hand with the Chinese government. Mission Accomplished.

China's ruling Communist Party is wary of threats to its grip on information and has conducted numerous censorship efforts targeting pornography, political criticism and web scams, but officials flagged tougher steps this time.

"Ninety-one websites that included pornography and vulgar content had been closed down from January 8 to 10," the state-run web portal China ( ) said., a Chinese blog portal with many famous bloggers, including some signatories of the pro-democracy "08 Charter", has been inaccessible since Friday.

Luo Yonghao, the founder of, confirmed on his own blog that the website had been closed because of "amount of political harmful information", citing a notice from government.

The "08 Charter", issued online with the names of 303 Chinese citizens, calls for freedom of expression and association and open elections.

China's latest crackdown on Internet content targeted many big names, including Google, Microsoft's MSN and homegrown market-leading rival Baidu, for undermining public morality.

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