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This sets the record for the largest theft ever in the UK. The only upside here is that it does not appear to include actual credit card data though the data collected could make it very easy for others to use their data to apply for credit. Let's hope the credit crisis makes that a bit more difficult than a year or so ago.

Hackers accessed the confidential information provided by 4.5 million people registered with and now hold their user names, passwords, telephone numbers and email addresses. The company said other information including client birth dates, gender and ethnicity had also been taken, along with "basic demographic data".

Monster revealed in a statement on Friday that its database had been illegally accessed but the scale of the breach did not emerge until last night.

Fears were growing that hackers may have gained access to user bank accounts, since many people use the same password and email address to access multiple websites.
Yet another reason why people ought to use different passwords for different secure logins.

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