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An inaugural pajama party with Carrie Fisher

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Yes. You read that right.

There are all kinds of parties for the Obama inauguration, but this one caught my attention: A Pajama Party hosted by Carrie Fisher. Okay, it's a pajama party for the organization, Pajama Program, which delivers pajamas and books to children in need.

We love Carrie Fisher. John and I met her when she was in D.C. doing her very funny show, Wishful Drinking. She's hysterical and has a great sense of politics including a very intense disdain for George Bush and Republicans (Her gay Republican friend, who died in her bed, told her a classic Bush story, which she told us.) Here's our video talking to her -- and yes, she did ply glitter all over my face:

With Carrie as the host, I can imagine this will be one of the more fun events -- and worthwhile.

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