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Friday Morning Open Thread

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Good morning.

It's 11 degrees in D.C., but feels like -4. We have a "Wind Chill Advisory." It's going to be a balmy 33 degrees on Inauguration Day.

So, Bush said his farewell to us last night. The guy is truly delusional. I guess it's hard for the Bush crew to accept that most of the country hates him. He pretty much had every remaining supporter at the White House to clap for him last night. Delusional and destructive. Four more days.

And, how about that "Miracle on the Hudson"? When I looked up at my t.v. yesterday and saw a plane in the water, my stomach turned. Amazing work on behalf of the pilot. And, those NY and NJ ferries were on the scene within minutes. I'm in awe of everyone involved.

Okay...let's get it started...

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