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Arlen Specter: All bark, no bite

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Over and over and over during the Bush years, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, quite possibly the biggest blowhard in the Senate, would puff out his chest about some outrage. He'd talk tough. But, within days, Specter would back down.

For the past couple weeks, Specter has been on the warpath against Attorney General designee Eric Holder. But, it's all hot air. After yesterday's hearing, AP reports that Holder's confirmation is looking good:

There was one angry exchange when the panel's senior Republican, Arlen Specter, said Holder's decision not to investigate Democrat Al Gore's fundraising "raises the question of your fitness for the job."

Holder hit back, saying: "You're getting close to questioning my integrity and that is not fair."

Yet, overall, Republicans did little to try to block Holder's path to become the first black attorney general in the nation's history.
There's a lesson here: Ignore Arlen Specter. He's all talk. No action. And, even his GOP colleagues ignore him.

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