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Why does the US tolerate female mutilation in Iraq?

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Considering how obsessed the Bush administration has been for the failed abstinence programs that sucked up millions of taxpayer dollars, why have they tolerated mutilation? This is a brutal procedure that has no place in any government that the US is supporting. Spend money to educate and end this practice or tie it to foreign assistance received, but it has to eradicated. That it operates so openly in Iraq is disgraceful.

"This is the practice of the Kurdish people for as long as anyone can remember," said the mother, Aisha Hameed, 30, a housewife in this ethnically mixed town about 100 miles north of Baghdad. "We don't know why we do it, but we will never stop because Islam and our elders require it."

Kurdistan is the only known part of Iraq --and one of the few places in the world--where female circumcision is widespread. More than 60 percent of women in Kurdish areas of northern Iraq have been circumcised, according to a study conducted this year. In at least one Kurdish territory, 95 percent of women have undergone the practice, which human rights groups call female genital mutilation.

The practice, and the Kurdish parliament's refusal to outlaw it, highlight the plight of women in a region with a reputation for having a more progressive society than the rest of Iraq. Advocates for women point to the increasing frequency of honor killings against women and female self-immolations in Kurdistan this year as further evidence that women in the area still face significant obstacles, despite efforts to raise public awareness of circumcision and violence against women.

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